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        AI Face Recognition Screening Machine
        Model: JT-W020 Power Consumption: 20W(max) Identification time: <1s Temperature Measurenment distance: 15.7-23.6 inch Effective Pixels: 2 million Screen Size: IPS LCD screen Resolution: 800x1280dpi Face recognition height: 47.2-70.9inch(angle adjustable) Temperature measurement range: 30-45℃ Memory: 2G(optional 1G/4G) Storage: 16G IP: 34 Working temperature:16-35℃ Operating humidity: 5%-9% relative humidity,no condensation Network interface: RJ45 10M/100M adaptive Ethernet port Wiegand interface: wiegand output,support wiegand 26 and 34 wiegand interface: can support Wiegand input root 26 and 34 Alarm output: 1 way switch output(switch) USB interface: 1 USB interface(can be connected to an ID card reader)

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