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        Research proves that full-spectrum LED is superior to standard LED lighting
        author:tom2020 Release time:2020-04-29 13:48:07 Read:8

        Compared with standard LED products, full-spectrum LED products provide better visual comfort.

        Full-spectrum LEDs are generally classified as LEDs that emit light with similar composition to natural sunlight. The upcoming study combines a technical comparison of LED spectroscopy and daylight spectroscopy, a literature review of the impact of spectrum on humans, and a psychological study of 83 people in an office environment. Each participant was tested for one hour in one of four different lighting settings, in various aspects (such as visual comfort, naturalness, concentration, general glare level, drowsiness, alertness and glossiness) The full-spectrum LED and conventional LED are compared.

        The results prove that compared with standard LED products, full-spectrum LEDs have improved the natural sense of participants (including color, condition and quality).

        LED manufacturers have developed a series of proprietary full-spectrum LED solutions with specific advantages. Its Optisolis ? technology mimics sunlight without generating any ultraviolet rays. The product has been used in lighting equipment in museums, art galleries, jewelry stores and other retail establishments. At the same time, its products are aimed at people-centric lighting applications, and its high cyan color spectrum can improve alertness.

        The researchers put forward: "There are few studies on the impact of full-spectrum LEDs on people's perception, and they mainly focus on the psychological effects of natural light and artificial light. As a true pioneer of daylight white LED emitters, we hope to carry out new research Further prove the performance of full-spectrum LEDs in perception, behavior and health. "

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