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        Smart lighting becomes a new outlet in the 5G era
        author:tom2020 Release time:2020-04-23 09:28:13 Read:15

        Urban public lighting system is an important public infrastructure closely related to people's lives. With the acceleration of urbanization, the demand and construction scale of urban public lighting facilities are increasing, but the rapid development of urban public lighting has increased the energy Demand and consumption, and there are also many deficiencies in management. Existing urban public lighting systems generally have problems of high equipment maintenance costs, serious theft of lamps and cables, and large waste of energy.

        With the growing shortage of energy and the increasingly serious greenhouse effect, the national and local governments vigorously call for energy saving, emission reduction and green lighting, which can effectively control energy consumption, increase the life of street lamps, and reduce maintenance and management costs. It is a modern efficiency society The goal of construction is also an inevitable trend of urban smart construction. At present, many cities use information and communication technology and smart city construction to improve urban public services and improve urban living environment, making cities more “smart”. As a smart infrastructure, smart lighting is an important part of smart city construction.

        With the introduction of 5G communication products, smart lighting has also been slowly noticed. Traditional lighting is only simple on and off, turning on and off the light, but the combination of smart lighting and the development of LED lighting can make the lighting have More changes and different settings are made through smart lighting to achieve better lighting and save more power. Through the sensors or software settings around the IOT, the lighting can be closer to life. It can be used with wireless Bluetooth control and set with the mobile phone APP to achieve intelligent lighting control. In the future, new products will continue to plan, combining more light control products such as WIFI / Bluetooth / zigbee and other IOT products.

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